Fenced in Reflections of Central Park


I just stumbled upon this classic new york scene one day exploring central park.  I decided to include the fence, in order to avoid fatal injury by one of the many runners joisting for position around the track.  The building your looking at is called the The El Dorado (who knew?!) located at 300 Central Park West.

~ by mrpatrickblog on September 16, 2010.

5 Responses to “Fenced in Reflections of Central Park”

  1. Great capture!

  2. […] these little guys performing in Washington Square Park on one of the 60 Pianos distributed across nyc parks this year as part of an art installation by british artist Luke […]

  3. I found this to be a pretty amazing photograph. Thank you for it.


  4. This is a pretty neat simple image. The background is out of focus, great reflection on the water and the fence taking half of the image space. Awesome man.

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